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Automate your sales and marketing in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.


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Let us do the heavy lifting. Getting started is usually the hardest part. Our Launch Pad Service will get you up and running fast. We’ll do all of the technical stuff so you can concentrate on servicing your customers.

Here’s what we’ll do for you

Call 832 541-2161 in the US or 0203 633-6682 in the UK

Install 2 email templates

Speed up your communications with email templates. Templates are a great starting point for frequent email communications such as welcome on-board, about us and pricing.


Logo and email signature

 Import your existing email addresses and personalize your emails by adding your logo and signature text. Ask about our email data validation service. We can clean your email list and make it GDPR compliant.

Workflow automation (campaigns)

Put your company on the sticky side of your customers brains with automated communications. Set it and forget it. Build a customer journey that will improve retention.


Tags are a powerful way of segmenting your contacts. Custom fields will make will make managing your lists easier. Contact the right customers with the right message at the right time with the right customer segmentation strategy.


Automate key tasks and save time for more time consuming functions in your business. Create automated follow-up, review requests and other actions. Make Agile CRM your top sales and customer service employee. 


Once we have set up your Agile platform we will do a 1-hr training session to show you how it all works. You will also get 30-days of basic support in addition to Agile CRM’s outstanding technical support.

We do the work so that you don’t have to

Let us do the heavy lifting. Getting started is usually the hardest part. Our Launch Pad service will get you up and running fast.

We get you up and running in about 7-business days. You’ll be ready to start running your business like a fortune 500 company.

What you need to tell us

Call 832 541-2161 in the US or 0203 633-6682 in the UK

Your 3 most used email formats

You will probably find that there are a few emails that you tend to send frequently. These are usually introductory emails or correspondence that explains your services. Let’s get those automated and customize them for each customer.

Customer journey

What are the 3 most important activities that you perform daily/weekly? What could be automated?

Who is your ideal customer

Knowing what your ideal customer looks like is the first step to attracting more quality customers. Do you know what your customers like the most about your company? Who are your most profitable customers and why?


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